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Get all the tools to create a collaborative, efficient work environment

SharePoint is an internal website that can be customized to fit your organization’s collaboration needs. With multiple built-in Web parts that can be toggled on and off, optimizing a SharePoint portal to work for you is easy.

Designed with optimizing workflow in mind, SharePoint can eliminate inefficiencies such as emailing documents back and forth and trying to track changes. Tools such as the shared document manager increase productivity and make collaboration easier.

Windows SharePoint Services is a versatile hosted application that allows for easy creation of a secure and customizable online portal for any organization, big or small. Containing many modular parts, a SharePoint portal can be as simple as an online file cabinet, or as sophisticated and complex as the central meeting ground for an entire corporation. It’s all up to how you want it to work for your company.

Leading Collaboration Tools
Windows® SharePoint® Services is the top choice for businesses who want centralized workspaces to share information and track activities.

Collaboration tools to save time and money
Spend more time running your business and less time on managing information and activities.

MS Office-friendly
Works seamlessly with Microsoft® Office 2007 and 2010 (Excel, Word & PowerPoint).

Ready-to-go or fully customizable
Choose from a vast library of tools, widgets, or even entire applications that can be embedded in your workspace.

A Microsoft SharePoint portal streamlines your communications process, helping you:

Increase Productivity

  • Replace long strings of email conversations with efficient discussion boards.
  • Make all changes in one place with document versioning and check-in/check-out capabilities.

Completely Customizable

  • Create a custom Web portal tailored exactly to fit your business needs.
  • Enable each department within your company to manage their own custom-made space.

Save Money

  • Eliminate large email attachments that slow your network and eat bandwidth — just post them in the portal to give the entire team access.
  • Leave the maintenance and housing to us. Our Microsoft-certified professionals maintain your SharePoint server in our high-tech data centers.

Work Efficiently

  • Create individual, customized sites for specific projects and teams.
  • Effortlessly share and manage virtually any piece of information relevant to your business’s success with only the people who need to see it.
  • Post calendars, schedules and contact information to help teams work together better.

Maintain Security

  • Control access to your internal website.
  • Reduce the number of communications channels by giving your employees one secure place to interact.
  • Don’t worry about lost emails or sensitive information leaking out.
  • Assign access levels, permissions and privileges.

Plans SharePoint Standard SharePoint Advance
Monthly $24.95 $99.95
Setup Free Free
Disk Quota 5 GB 50 GB
Sharepoint 2010 Foundations Foundations
Templates Included Included
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited
Additional Disk Space Additional Disk Space
1GB $7.95/month $7.95/month

What is Microsoft® Windows SharePoint® Services (WSS)?

Microsoft® Windows SharePoint® Services is the leading robust and flexible suite of collaboration tools in the marketplace. It enables organizations of varying sizes to increase the efficiency of business processes and improve team productivity. It is also a platform for developing Web-based business applications that allows team members, both centrally located or working remotely, to stay connected and share real-time access to information and resources.

How will SharePoint® Hosting help me in my daily business?

It will provide a cost-effective way to set up a collaborative work environment that allows teams to stay connected and share information in a single workspace. Easy access to shared documents and common resources helps organizations improve process efficiencies and boosts productivity.

Does SharePoint® Hosting require software or hardware set up?

No. You do not need to install anything to use our SharePoint® Hosting product. However, it will work very well in conjunction with your Microsoft Office® installation.

How do I know if SharePoint® Hosting is right for me?

If you are looking to increase team productivity and improve business processes, then SharePoint® Hosting is a great solution. It is a valuable collaboration resource for work teams, organizations and business units that enables them to stay connected to the shared documents, files, resources and information they need to perform their jobs, even for teams in various locations. SharePoint® Hosting can also be useful to Web developers creating flexible and scalable Web-based applications.

Can I tailor the look of SharePoint® Hosting if I want?

Yes. Microsoft® offers a set of tools to help customize application templates to suit your own business needs. You can change a master page, add a new view or incorporate new lists into the template and more. You can also use Microsoft SharePoint® Designer® (available for free at for further customizations.

What are SharePoint® application templates?

Application templates are default scenarios designed to meet the needs and requirements of common business processes or sets of tasks in organizations of every size. They are customizable and come with an easy user interface and are compatible with Microsoft® Office SharePoint Designer 2007. Application templates are categorized in two groups: site admin templates and server admin templates. For businesses that need more customized workspaces, there are application templates tailored to specific job functions that can be implemented easily including business performance reporting, classroom management, timecard management, marketing campaign tracking and many more.

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