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Microsoft Exchange is the world’s leading corporate email platform. Sixtag is ready to help your business achieve its messaging goals by combining our service platform (SiteControl) with Microsoft enterprise software for maximum performance, availability, and flexibility.

Email is a mission-critical communications tool that allows people to efficiently interact. Everyone expects efficient access—to email, calendars, attachments, contacts, and more—no matter where they are or what type of mobile device they use.



  • Anywhere Access of email through Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA), and mobile devices (ActiveSync) allows your team to be connected and in the know at all times
  • Limitless number of email addresses
  • The large disk space per mailbox helps make sure that you never have to delete important emails from your inbox
  • Fast, easy and secure feature for sending large files up to 1GB by email. GigaMail offers optional password protection and SSL encryption.
  • RPC over HTTPS, MAPI, POP3, HTTPS and IMAP are all available email protocols to ensure safe and secure email retrieval using the method of your choice



Calendars and Contacts

  • Global Address and Distribution Lists allow you to store company contacts and distribution lists to share with everyone on the roster
  • Shared Contacts allow team members to share important customer/partner contact information
  • Shared calendars make it possible to see when team members are available for meetings
  • Task management allows you to create, assign and delegate tasks among your team




  • Delegate permissions to responsible users based on job function without giving them access to the entire Exchange management interface. Tasks such as performing multi-mailbox searches no longer have to be the sole responsibility of IT Administrators
  • Empower users to manage distribution lists, track messages, and edit personal information-tasks that represent a significant percentage of help desk calls in many organizations


rapid provisioning


  • Exchange’s default connection to Outlook (RPC over HTTPS) creates a secure connection between your Outlook client and the Exchange server, meeting and surpassing the most pressing security requirements
  • Google Postini spam and virus filtering system comes standard with every mailbox.


Affordability – A hosted version of Exchange 2010 allows you to lower Total Cost of Ownership by using Sixtag’s hardware, infrastructure, and personnel.

Productivity – Exchange allows your team to collaborate more efficiently on projects through the ability to share calendars, tasks and important contacts. Sharing notes and files on the included shared folders can act like a virtual message board, promoting more efficient teamwork.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to mission critical data – The office isn’t the only place where you and your team can be connected to your business. Exchange 2010 allows everyone on your team to access their important data and communications from any Internet connection or on their mobile device (i.e. – Smartphone, iPhone).

Security – Using mobile devices increases the possibility of theft or loss. Sixtag’s Exchange hosting ensures your information’s security on your desktop, but also includes safety measures such as “remote device wipe” for lost or stolen mobile devices. Also, with all emails and information to our Exchange being encrypted, you can be sure your company’s communications are kept from prying eyes.

Make the most of your IT (or lack thereof) – you don’t need a dedicated IT department just to get your company on the fast track to enterprise-level communicating. Sixtag’s team of IT professionals works around the clock managing your Exchange service, so you don’t have to.

Quick and Easy Implementation – Getting your email up and running using Sixtag’s Exchange hosting is a breeze. Our technical support team can have your email up and running within minutes of signing up.

USERS 1 – 49 50 – 99 100+
Monthly Fee (per user) $11.50 $10.95 $9.95
Storage per Mailbox 25GB 25GB 25GB
Active Sync checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Free Download of Outlook 2010 checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Hybrid Exchange Enabled checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Outlook Web Application checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
SharePoint 2010 Foundation checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Exchange Control Panel (ECP) checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Google Postini Spam Filter checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
MAPI, POP/IMAP and OWA checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Anti-virus protection checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Firewall checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Daily Server Backup checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
SSL Secure Server checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Tier 4 Data Centers checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
24X7 Monitoring checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
100% Uptime checkmark-green checkmark-green checkmark-green
Compliant-Ready Upgrade $5.00 $5.00 $5.00

Why should I pick Sixtag instead of another provider?

Not only we are less expensive, we also include:

  • 1GB attachment (compared to competitors’ 50MB)
  • Outlook/ Entourage (these cost extra with many providers)
  • Sharepoint (costs extra with other providers)
  • Email marketing tool
  • Google antivirus/antispam

What are the main differences between POP3/IMAP Mail and Hosted Exchange?

Sixtag POP3/IMAP Mail is a high availability POP/IMAP Email service which includes web-based email client with shared calendars, shared contacts, tasks, and premium spam/virus filtering. Sixtag’s Mail web-based interface is capable of sync with a desktop client like Outlook.

Microsoft Exchange includes the above with the added benefits of:

  • Seamless Outlook integration
  • Secure RPC over HTTPS connections
  • Outlook Web
  • Push service for mobile devices
  • Postini spam/virus filtering
  • Optional Blackberry Enterprise Server integration.

Do I need a domain name?

Yes, a domain name is needed. You can use your existing domain or register a new domain with us.

Will my files and email be secure?

Yes, security for our Exchange users is of utmost priority. Data is secured behind the managed firewall and backups are performed regularly. All transmissions between your Outlook and our Exchange servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques. If encryption to external recipients is important to you, we provide Secure Email Encryption as an available feature. Plus, with Hostway’s plans you get the spam and virus protection of Google’s Postini.

What is the Exchange outbound policy?

With our Hosted Exchange, you are allowed up to 100 recipients in one email and may send up to 300 emails in 30 minutes. The maximum attachment size is 1GB per email.

Can I add Exchange to my Cloud hosting or server account?

Yes. We can setup your exchange in your cloud or managed server.

What type of calendaring is available in Hosted Exchange?

Hosted Exchange offers the full functionality of Exchange and Outlook. The main calendaring functions include creating appointments and events, organizing meetings, viewing group schedules, viewing other colleagues calendars side by side and overlaid, linking calendars to a SharePoint site, sending calendars through email, Publishing calendars online, and managing other users calendars through delegated access. Hosted Exchange offers a complete solution for all your organization’s scheduling and calendaring needs.

Is spam filtering provided with this service?

Yes, a perimeter scan of all incoming and outgoing email filters spam.

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